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apple-ciderHannah made two delectable treats today: apple(cider)sauce and some banana bread. More on the banana bread in another post. We’re posting the recipes here mostly for our own record keeping. If you should try making one of these items, let us know how it turns out.


We discovered this a bt by accident. We were the recipients of some leftover apples from Liberty Christian’s Appleooza Festival in mid-September. Here’s what we did with those apples:

Peel the apples, cut up into bite size pieces and put in crock pot.
Add 1/2 cup water.
Add 2 apple cider drink mix packets (each packet is normally added to 6-8oz of water to make an individual cup of cider)
Heat on high for four hours, stirring about once per hour.
Mash the apple pieces with whisk (or your preferred mashing tool)
Let it cool uncovered and enjoy! It sets up some while cooling.

Next apple treat: apple(cider)sauce pie!

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