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Google Voice Transcription

So, one of the features of Google voice is that it will transcribe voicemail messages. Hannah is in to leaving me messages and trying to fool Google’s transcriptionist…here’s the latest:


It they need to be dad anna no, i mean i really didn’t mean to him. I went to walmart and I got a body. Bella and I’ve got a pen okay and then I was going to get them up with that. Walmart but they didn’t have any you be so and I have, because out of time. Green and he did them 9 so I’m a check in Pasadena A and I hate it and now I’m going to let you know, take it through and then it myself a vote day. Thank you so excited. Bye, bye. I think that it from him. Hey baby, I love you and I want the greatest later because I like. I wanted to know what I’m saying. Or maybe it’s because I think. I think that’s a little bit late evening going. I love you bye bye. I hope you’re having a good afternoon, as is. I love you know. Hi.

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