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Walking on Eggshells


First, I put a napkin on the counter. Then I proceeded to tap my hard boiled egg on the counter and peal it for lunch today.  I collected all the bits of shell on the napkin I put down in preparation for the eggshells. And then I’m not even sure what happened but in one swift motion the napkin upturned and most of the eggshells ended up on the floor. I tried my best to avoid stepping on any of them as I went to go get the broom to clean up the mess. But I managed to step on one tiny little bit with my barefoot.

I don’t normally ponder eggs or eggshells or walking on eggshells but today with my little lunch adventure, I started to. I know what the phrase means, but I looked it up anyway.

 The OED defines the phrase "walk on eggshells” and its variants as meaning “to be extremely cautious in one’s actions or words, esp. so as to avoid offending or angering others.”


My mind just started thinking about walking on eggshells. The little piece I stepped on wasn’t too painful to my foot, but some of those could have been with their sharp jagged edges. Which makes me think that walking on eggshells is painful to the walker. I’m not saying that I should go around saying offensive things willy-nilly just because I can; just to keep my foot free from painful jagged eggshell bits. I’m not saying that at all.

I heard something from my pastor once that really stuck and I try to keep in mind all the time in regards to saying things.

Is what I am going to say B.E.S.T?
Can the person BEAR what I am going to say?
Is what I am about to say EDIFYING?
Is what I am about to say SPIRIT FILLED/LEAD?
Is what I am about to say TRUE?

So maybe sometimes I need to perhaps endure a little sting on my foot from walking on eggshells in order to keep my speech B.E.S.T.

Then my mind turned to Proverbs 27:6

Faithful are the wounds of a friend;
profuse are the kisses of an enemy.

So maybe sometimes instead of walking on eggshells, I need to say something B.E.S.T. to a friend. It might sting them for a little while to be called out on something that isn’t a healthy behavior or a right attitude or whatever it is that is going on. But I think better to not walk on eggshells in those instances and to follow what this Proverbs teaches.

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