Hannah L Stone

this is where I write the light
a letter 1, 2, 3

a letter 1, 2, 3


Things I want to say to you, my sweet littles…

1. I love you.  Always, ever so much, no matter what, I love you.

2. Not everyone will like you, or favor your ideas.  That is ok.  Painful, yes.  Hard, yes.  But it is ok.

3. Home is forever and however far or close we live, home is forever.  This invisible line that connects each of us, because not everyone out there will like you, but we will always love each other.

4. Drink a lot of water.  Like, a lot.  Every day.

5. Zachary, what you need isn’t what Declan or Imani need.  And Declan what you need isn’t what Zachary or Imani needs.  And Imani what you need isn’t what Zachary or Declan need.  And that is wonderful.  And your each individual strengths will not be what each other has.  Sometimes it seems like it always needs to be the same, because right now you all do and get and share the same.  But the strengths that grow in each of you, won’t necessarily be in each of you.  But here’s a secret.  If you put your strengths together …..

6. You drive each other crazy.  Like, a lot of the time.  It is the fiercest sort of love.  Family.  The constant inside one another pockets.  We see it all from all of us all the live long days.  This love that shouts, “you are such a bother to me!” is the same love that asks for that aforementioned bother to sleep in your bed with you.  The love that runs hot with a side does of amnesia.  Forget the bothers.  Remember the love.  You remind me of this daily.

7. Watch what the other of  you guys is doing and even if you don’t want to join in, find a way to tell that one, just what an amazing job you see them do.

8. Even though it isn’t true, it feels as if there was never a time it wasn’t the three of you.  Thick.  Together.  You came one by one.  But like at a batting cage, quick.  And there will be few memories of it being only one or two.  I can’t tie you together forever.  But I pray you always chose each other; stick.

9. I have a lot of silly ideas.  Things I like to do.  Places I want to see.  Images I want to capture.  Projects to learn to build.  Words I have to write.  But my most favorite, hands down, if I can only just pick one – is the three of you.

10. Sorry, you might not like what I have to say, but I am making chicken again tonight.  Even though I love you.  Maybe, oddly because I do.


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