the in-between of already/not yet


I always feel like I am in a tunnel the day after Good Friday.

It’s the waiting.  The holding of the heavy truth of yesterday and the not yet glory of tomorrow.  I feel like I need to hold my breath some times on this middle day between the two.

But today is celebration.  Today is my middle child’s 5th birthday.  Today has been singing, joy and laughter.

Today as a family we took our first trip to the roller skating rink.  There was anticipation and then the reality of wobbly legs with wheels attached to them.  There were falls and determination.  There were shaky limbs and hands clinging to the carpeted wall.  There was disappointment in not being able to soar on wheels like one would imagine.

And I think, this is how the middle is.  The in-between.  The waiting on the other side of the cross for our forever home.  There are days of holding our breath and waiting in the heavy of it all.  There are days of singing loud and celebrating whole heartedly.  There are days of having your legs knocked out from underneath you and relearning how to even move an inch forward.  These middle days of already/not yet.  The already of Jesus conquering death.  The not yet of his kingdom come to fully reign.

The middle days we call life.

And tomorrow the glory of our risen king!  Already.

And one day, oh one day, the return of our risen king!  Not yet.


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