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send me on my way

send me on my way


It was on a lunch break from work in 2006 when I dropped my application for Africa Inland Mission in the mail.  I drove from my work to the bank to make the deposit for the office, then swung by and dropped my application into a big blue mail box.  Rusted Root’s song Send Me on My Way was playing on the radio in my car which I’ve always liked that little piece of serendipity.

Somedays are just regular days.  Days filled with work and lunch break runs to the bank.  Regular days of regular things.

Most days are regular days.

And then one day I found myself applying to go live in Africa for a year.  I had no idea it would end up being Kenya.  Or that I would end up teaching English and swimming there.  But it was burning inside of me and I dropped that application in the box and a path opened up in front of me.

Today has been a regular day.  Swimming lessons for the kids.  A quick trip to Walmart.  A stop off at the library.  Then we swung by one of those big blue mail boxes and in went a manila envelope.  Sadly today there was no serendipitous song on the radio.

Most days are regular days.

And most days I just mail payments for bills or rebates or letters to friends.

But today I mailed off a query letter to another literary agency.  It’s burning inside of me and I dropped it off in the mail and maybe, maybe, maybe a path will open up in front of me.

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