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under these wings

under these wings


Last night my family gathered with my parents and my sister and her family.  We gathered, ate FroYo talked about our summer and things that are yet to come.

I liked that as we spooned the sweetness into our mouths we recounted the blessings of this summer.  Swim lessons, trips to visit family, being able to see the total solar eclipse, boy scout camp, cub scout camp, 50 miles hikes, new jobs, new life, shopping trips and trips to the edge of the ocean.  So much from so many, the blessings tucked into these weeks of summer for my family.

I liked that as we spooned the sweetness into our mouthes we talked about things yet to come, things we are looking forward to as we step into this new school year.  Computer class, three recesses, having lunch at school, learning how to read, going to speech, junior high leadership, watching students have the moment of understanding, advance classes, writing conference, different schedules.

So much is yet to come.
So much potential.
So much growth, change, learning.
So much will be put together.

I love that we stopped and celebrated all that we are looking forward to, the unknown, the hoped for things.  And when we gather again at the end of this school year which seems impossible to even imagine, we will have have a list of accomplishments, lessons, achievements, celebrations, war wounds, scars, disappointments, surprises and blessings to recount together as we spoon the sweetness into our mouths.

So here they are, my little growing lovies standing under these wings.  Tomorrow one starts 1st grade, one starts kindergarten and one stays at home.  And oh, will we soar this year.  And oh, will we crash this year.  And by God’s grace we’ll find ourselves back at FroYo at the end of the year, taller and older, wiser and stronger, deeper and more rooted in love, thankful for these coming days we were able to live and walk and fall and grow and soar in this school year ahead.

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  1. Here’s to frozen yogurt, memories, accomplishments, hopes, unknown, and the Father’s protection, provision, encouragement, and joy!

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