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ordinary stable

ordinary stable


I’ve been thinking about the stable a lot.  Maybe because we built our own this year.  Maybe it’s silly to think about the stable, considering the other key players available in the story.  Angels.  Shepherds.  Mary and Joseph.  Jesus.

But here I am thinking about the stable.

I’m thinking about the fact that the stable doesn’t mind that it’s a stable.  I know it doesn’t mind anything because it is not alive.  But it is what it is and it’s not the fact that it is a stable that makes it spectacular.  It’s the fact that it gets filled with the presence of God and becomes holy that makes it spectacular.

Sounds like me.
Sounds like you.

Stables.  Not much.  Ordinary.  A little messy.  Stables.

Filled with the holy presence of God.

God, who comes and puts skin on, Emmanuel, with us.  To be with us.  To show us the way home.

So that little stable that was filled with animals and sounds and smells and the mess of birth, welcomed Jesus.  Welcomed the presence of God among us.  It welcomed the awkwardness of figuring out how to nurse a newborn.  It welcomed the shepherds and their worship.  It welcomed the awe and wonder of a promise long, long, long waited for.

The stable isn’t much.  Other than something ordinary becoming holy becasue it welcomes God to come and stay.

Oh come let us adore him.

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