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silent as light

silent as light


Eleven years ago, this past weekend, was when I arrived in Kenya.  So I’ve been a bit reflective, remembering the wonderful, adventurous year that that was for me.

This past weekend in the news, the president described a few countries as s***hole countries.  African countries lumped together in his slur.  Countries which happen to be some of my most favorite places on the planet.  Nations which happen to be the home to some of my most favorite people.

Yesterday at church we sang the hymn Immortal, invisible, God only wise.  In the second verse there is a phrase that says, silent as light.  I have not been able to stop turning that phrase over in my mind since singing it yesterday morning.  In the afternoon I cracked open a new library book only to read this. Endure with courage, resist with wisdom, persist in faith. -Michele Peonix.

This morning I wake up and it is Martin Luther King Jr day.  I cannot help but think of his life and his words that still ring out.

I am baffled, upset, confused, shocked that the president can say such horrible things.  Though, sadly, given this track record, not at all.  And all I feel the need to say about him is the fact that he is wrong.

My mind goes back to the phrase silent as light.  We can not dispute the light.  There is darkness that covers the night and then the light always comes up, every day.  We can not say that it is not there.  It just is and even on the cloudy days, it is bright enough to light our world.  Flames burn, that is their job.  Some are small atop lit candles, flickering.  Other are raging infernos, engulfing.  They are lights by the very nature that that is what they are.  We can not change it or dispute it.  Light is light.

This weekend I paged through photos of my year in Kenya.  So many memories, every single emotion.  I often find myself on a rabbit trail of thought dreaming of a trip back to Kenya with my niece and children.  This weekend I felt ashamed at the words coming from the leader of this country.  This weekend I found comfort and inspiration in the words of a hymn to carry on silent as light.  Truth in the darkness, we cannot dispute.

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