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the bones and the blood

the bones and the blood


Sometimes things mean nothing at all.  Sometimes they mean everything.

My monkey in the middle hasn’t been feeling well.  We’ve noticed a few things and each of them on their own might not mean much at all.  But we started adding them together and we scratched our heads and then took him to the doctor.  The doctor agreed with our assessment.  Maybe it’s all nothing, but let’s run some tests.

There was an x-ray.
There was a blood draw (7 vials! Egads!).

Maybe it’s all nothing.  But maybe it’s something.

He asked me, “Mom why did they do all that?”  The x-ray and the blood draw.  So I told him the doctors can figure a lot out when they look at his bones and his blood.

The bones and the blood.

We’ve just come through the tunnel of Good Friday into the blinding light of Resurrection Sunday.  Where Jesus sat his disciples down for dinner and told them, the answers are in His body and His blood.  The sacrifice that will equal salvation once and for all, it is His body and His blood.  The answers we are all looking for.

We’ll go next week for a follow up, unless they call sooner because something in the lab work is off.  I don’t feel worried, but I look at my son and I fee something in is body is wrong right now.  I think, what if my phone rings?  And then I just think about today and all the deliciously wild, frustrating, fulfilling moments it will hold for each of us.  I’ll just think about today.

It is either foolishness or faith to not worry, to just hold onto right now.  Sometimes foolishness and faith can look the same.

We count the days now, the days between Resurrection and Ascension.  That sweet spot where the disciples had the resurrected Jesus in their midst.  Their questions answered by his body and his blood.  The doubting traced his scars, remembered what they saw and believed.

My husband and I look at our son, counting symptoms – things that seem to add up to something; maybe.  Trying not to go looking for something that isn’t there.  Trying not to self diagnose.  Trying not to google all the things it could be, because I started and found nothing I wanted to see as a possibility.

So we sit in today.  Where it is either faith or foolishness to wait in the already/not yet, knowing/not knowing.  Where we know the answers in his bones and his blood will come.  So I sit in today resting in the fact that the answers were already given in His body and His blood.

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